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How to Go Green with Eco-Friendly Packaging
Packaging that is Eco-conscious is quickly becoming a top priority for consumers, and is therefore trending in the packaging world. Because packaging can be very wasteful, companies are coming up with innovative designs that not only help preserve the environment, but help with branding as well. Let’s take a look at some materials and ways … Continue reading "How to Go Green with Eco-Friendly Packaging"
5 Ways to Make Spring Packaging Look High End
Watercolor, bunny rabbits, tulips, and pastels all signify that lovely Spring time of the year when chocolates and floral perfume fly off the shelves. But how do you embody the fresh yet soft feelings of Spring without your packaging looking like baby shower decor? At Global Link Sourcing, we have had 10 years to think … Continue reading "5 Ways to Make Spring Packaging Look High End"
How to Make Share Worthy Packaging – Success in Social Media
What do most popular and successful modern brands have in common? They dominate the social media space. Their products have share worthy packaging, and consumers will gladly boast about their product experience on Instagram or twitter if they enjoy the “unboxing” experience. It is no longer enough to have a successful product, your packaging must … Continue reading "How to Make Share Worthy Packaging – Success in Social Media"
Valentines Packaging Inspiration
There’s no better excuse to design luxurious and romantic packaging then Valentine’s Day. For a holiday that’s all about the love, gorgeous packaging can really sell your product. Here are some great Valentine’s packaging ideas and designs to inspire you. An Elegant Rigid Box A classic option for chocolates and perfume, the standard rigid box … Continue reading "Valentines Packaging Inspiration"
GLS will be at the Winter Fancy Foods Show!
GLS will be at the Winter Fancy Foods Show – Join us in San Francisco from January 22 – 24! Each year, the GLS sales team decides which trade shows they want to attend. The Winter Fancy Foods Show is always a unanimous and resounding YES! At the Fancy Foods Show, industry professionals can discover … Continue reading "GLS will be at the Winter Fancy Foods Show!"
Finding A New Manufacturing Supplier
Finding A New Supplier Many companies consider back and forth emails sufficient due diligence when selecting a new overseas manufacturing supplier. Then after they place an order based on minimal information, they think checking in on production remotely through emails is sufficient.  It’s only after they receive their international shipment and find that it’s not … Continue reading "Finding A New Manufacturing Supplier"