Hard and Soft Cases

In addition to the high quality printing and packaging factories we have across the globe, we are also leaders in manufacturing various types of customized hard & soft cases. Common types of cases that we design and manufacture include leather and pleather, EVA, ABS, PP, aluminum or wood. They can be soft or rigid cases and either sewed or injection molded. We also produce the thermoform, foam, fabric, chip board or rubber inserts for the cases.

Injection molded cases are among the most durable options for your casing needs. These cases have become quite common because they are extremely durable, rust resistant or completely rust proof, waterproof, pressure resistant and overall extremely versatile. Creating the custom mold is the most involved portion of the process. You can create relatively simple molds, or elaborate designs and complex features.

At Global Link Sourcing, we are more than able to create complex plastic shipping cases and intricate injection molded cases for your needs. We have a team of designers and engineers that can create any case or casing for you, regardless of shape, size, or complexity of design.