The Right Way to Incorporate Holiday Themes Into Your Packaging

Good cheer and festive buying habits are practically contagious the minute Summer ends. You can take advantage of this by designing holiday themed packaging, the right way.


1. Try festive, without going overboard.

Design your packaging knowing people will purchase because it’s adding something fun and festive to their home and their lives. You can still make it look upscale and modern by incorporating holiday themes consumers will enjoy.

2. Know Your Audience

Are you selling upscale beauty products or fun chocolates? Your customer base will have an impact on which direction to go with your holiday packaging. Keep the holiday additions subtle if your product is high end, like the red and gold touches on this ornamental chocolate box.

3. Stay relevant and Secular

Have snowy symbols made a comeback in stores this year? How about reindeer? Choose to add holiday symbols that exude festivity and don’t alienate a particular religion.


7. Call the Experts

If you’re feeling lost or stuck, give us a call for some inspiration and help!

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How to Prepare for Holiday Sales When it Comes to Your Packaging

holiday packaging

Do you struggle every holiday season just to keep afloat with production and operations? Here are some ways to stay ahead of the game when it comes to your packaging.


1. Plan for next year’s holiday packaging, NOW

You might figure that 6 months is more than enough time to design, source, and produce your holiday packaging. unfortunately, this isn’t nearly enough time, especially if you are sourcing overseas, or if you don’t have a dedicated supplier who is willing to work with you on meeting logistical deadlines. Aim to start the design process as early as Fall for next seasons packaging.

2. Think About New Concepts

Do you want to try a new type of packaging next year? Make sure you start exploring those options even earlier. There are so many risks involved with designing and implementing new packaging strategies, you want to give yourself and your supplier plenty of time to work out the kinks.

3. Choices, choices, choices…

packaging supplier research

Try to narrow down your packaging concepts to your top 5 choices and start discussing with your team. Begin by sending out your RFQ spec sheets for these concepts to the manufacturers you normally work with, and see about negotiating price etc.

4. Sampling Round

Make sure your supplier includes sampling in their fees, so that you can make sure the finished product is what you want. Evaluate the samples for quality, consistency, and timeliness.


5. It’s the little things in life…

Test your new packaging with your product to make sure it will withstand all sorts of shipping and logistical tests. Many people will send gifts for the holidays, and you want to make sure your beautiful packaging will make the journey. Consider each element of your packaging when it comes to shelf visibility. Is your logo prominent? Does your packaging show fingerprints? Does the product stand out from the other holiday competition?

7. When You Feel Overwhelmed

Even if this checklist is followed precisely, sourcing overseas by yourself can be an incredibly stressful and daunting project. Consider discussing your project with GLS; we have our own employee run manufacturing and assembly facility in China, and a US based team to seamlessly handle your project from concept to completion. You can even tour our facility here.

Save yourself the countless hours and heartache sourcing a packaging supplier on your own, contact us and we can get started on your project today!

For more information about the trends that will make share worthy packaging in 2017, grab our free download.