1. Why shouldn’t I go direct?

    Nothing is preventing you from going direct. With the power of the internet you can find dozens if not hundreds of companies worldwide claiming they can manufacture your product. The difficult part is selecting the right business partner. Do not assume that because the website says so, it is so. Take the time to visit and audit the factory you select before starting a project and especially before wiring them money. You should also plan to conduct an on site quality control inspection during production. Do not assume that the prototype you approved will be duplicated during production. Many of our most loyal customers had previously experienced a disaster when trying to go direct and know first hand that it’s not as easy as it appears. They realize there is a great deal involved in manufacturing overseas and appreciate the fact we facilitate the entire import process for them seamlessly while taking the guesswork and uncertainty out of going direct.

  2. How do you handle QC?

    We have on site QC managers overseeing all phases of production for each and every project we manufacture. We have very detailed and intensive QC procedures to be followed for each order. No item will be produced and shipped without a sign off release from our local QC manager.

  3. What about lead time?

    Lead time does vary based on each product, especially if initial tooling is required. Once final approval is given, a standard lead time is 6 to 7 weeks for the West Coast and 7 to 8 weeks to the East Coast.

  4. Does your company follow labor law?

    All companies partnering with Global Link Sourcing have been audited and approved. We do not do business with companies unless we know them and have assurances that all international labor laws are respected and followed.

  5. What about freight and customs clearing?

    We have our own logistical department handling freight and customs clearing for you. As far as you are concerned, we want you to feel as if you were doing business with a company located right next door to you.

  6. How does the approval process work?

    After starting your project, we will send you and electronic file for approval. This is to insure that all the details of your project were understood and transferred properly. Once this step is completed, we will produce a physical sample for you to review and sign off. Only after your approval has been completed will we proceed with mass production of your items.

  7. How do you select the plants you do business with?

    Our local QC manager personally visits and audits each plant considered as a business partner. We have experienced the best and worst of Asia manufacturing and have spent many years establishing some very solid and trustworthy relationships with the most reputable Asia-based manufacturers. We personally know and spend time with the owners and/or principals of each and every plant that we work with. Even though we come from different cultures, we firmly believe that business ethics and integrity should be similarly aligned for long term success.

  8. What is the number one benefit of using Global Link Souring?

    Simply stated, we are an extension of your company offshore. We have the knowledge, the experience and infrastructure firmly in place. Sourcing and manufacturing products offshore is all we do so you can tap into our resources and let us do what we do best without changing what you do best.