Tour Our Brand New Facility

Hello. My name is Jean-Luc Annet. I am the founder and president of Global Link Sourcing. And you are here in Dongguan, China. We just opened this brand new facility. We are in April, 2017. Let’s go inside. Follow me.

What we have done, we have created hybrid models where we look for small factory that needs business, and we basically guarantee them business. But in return, they have to follow the Global Link Sourcing business model. Our people set up the management team. We do the QC for them. We monitor the factory. We make sure that they follow the social compliances. So basically control the entire process, but that factory operate as it’s own unique profit-center, if you want.

This first level here, this is where we do some storage and also some assembly. So, we have customers from all over the US that ask us to do some light assembly for them. They purchase components from different facilities. The components come here, we store it for them, and then our team will assemble the product for them.

So, this room here is climate controlled. We keep this room at 70 degree or under. And the most sensitive product, this is where we store it.

Second floor is a soft good facility, which is also cases and bags, but more the soft goods. In other words, it could be a zipper case, it could be a pouch, it could be a bag.

The third floor, we have a rigid box manufacturing company. It’s a hard case facility, and by hard case I mean it could be rigid boxes. It could also be metal ruck cases. Any type of a item with a hard shell.

The fourth floor right now is an empty floor, and we have been growing steadily year after years, so if the past is an indication of the future, we know that we’ll be using and occupying that floor sooner than later.

Well, we’re asked very often what makes Global Link Sourcing different? Why would people do business with us instead of going somewhere else? And really, what makes us very unique is the setup that we have. We have a complete flexibility. If somebody comes to us and say, “Hey, I would like to do some sourcing.” We can do that for them. Some manufacturing, some QC. If somebody wants to do some graphic design, we can do that. Some structured design, we can do that. We can do it all.

Our main objective is to take the pain away from them, so when they work with us, they feel they are working with somebody based next door.

My wife and I started this company in December, 2006. And fast forward 10 years, we have now altogether approximately 70 employees between the US and China. So, it has been an accomplishment we are very proud of. But obviously, anytime you build a company, you don’t do it by yourself. And we have worked with some very key people from the very beginning. And without them and their effort, we would not be where we are today.

I mean to say, “Yes, we have this facility.” It’s wonderful. It’s great. We have now the four-story building, it’s a complex, but in reality, what made our success are the people that work with us. And I mean it very seriously because nobody by themselves can build a company.