As a full-service sourcing and manufacturing solutions provider, part of Global Link’s role is as a top quality product packaging company. Our product packaging division has invaluable industry experience and can provide your business with the best in product packaging solutions. Our team of expert designers and structural engineers works closely with our clients to make sure they are satisfied with the aesthetics, quality and functionality of the final packaging results.

At Global Link Sourcing, we understand the importance of a product packaging company’s role in the manufacturing process. After all, the packaging of a product is usually the first thing that customers see even before they see the actual product itself. A package presents your brand to the product and will have a huge effect in how consumers perceive your company. The packaging must speak well of the product and represent the company’s image and brand message effectively. Not only that, but the quality and sturdiness of the packaging will also be a reflection on the quality of the product inside.

At Global Link Sourcing, we take our job as a product packaging company seriously, because we know that product packaging is as crucial as any other aspect of the manufacturing process. We handle the task effectively and carefully, working closely with our client’s vision to ensure our product packaging solutions fit their business’s image and aesthetics. So if you’re looking for a product packaging company that will exceed your expectations and provide you with the best manufacturing and shipping solutions available, contact Global Link Sourcing today, and see how our team of package design experts can help you.

Some of our packaging products include:

    • Metal Tins
    • Rigid Boxes
    • Paper Tubes
    • Printed Paper Folding Cartons
    • Clear and Printed Plastic/Thermoforming
    • Injection Molding
    • Reusable Shopping/Gift Bags
    • Hard & Soft Cases
    • Finished Goods 

We work on all of our packaging projects individually, making sure that the final design is appropriate for the specific goals of our clients. The materials we use are top quality and crafted to the specific packaging requirements of the client company. Take a look at our product gallery then let us know what your packaging needs are and we will work together to achieve your vision.

Our sales team and support staff is available when you need them to make sure that you are satisfied with Global Link’s services every step of the way. From concept development through final delivery, Global Link Sourcing is your one-stop-shop for all your manufacturing needs. At Global Link Sourcing, client satisfaction is our main priority!

To find out more about how Global Link Sourcing can work for your business specifically, contact us today! We look forward to speaking with you.