There’s no doubt that the need to stay competitive and flexible in today’s market place is more important than ever. Are you a domestic manufacturer and have lost business to offshore manufacturing or are you in danger of losing some? Have you been asked if you can provide offshore manufacturing but you do not know where to go or have not found the right company to help you in this arena?

Global Link Sourcing wants to partner with you. Together, we can cover both the domestic AND offshore packaging manufacturing needs of your customers – without them having to source elsewhere or give any of their business to any one but YOU.

We have been sourcing and manufacturing packaging in Asia for the last decade. We are very competent in handling the entire process from conception to completion. We have experienced the best and the worst of Asia manufacturing and have established some very solid and trustworthy relationships with reputable Asia-based firms. We know what to expect and will facilitate the entire process seamlessly for you.

Contact us to discuss your particular situation…we look forward to becoming your partner in the global manufacturing market.