The 5 Secrets to Great Packaging

Everyone in today’s society is busy, including consumers. Most don’t have the time or energy to compare the pros and cons of different brands in the grocery aisle. So, the best way to win the sale is to entice consumers with attention grabbing packaging. Package design is one of your most powerful tools to help you stand out from your competitors. Take Apple for example; Apple’s minimalist packaging is unforgettable, especially compared to the unwrapping experience of their competitors. Apple products stand out. You cannot walk past the electronics department without noticing a new Apple product and its packaging.

1. The Right Materials

Analyze your market and competition to find the perfect materials for your packaging. For example, although plastic blister packaging might save you money on materials, it’s not going to fly if you’re in an Eco-friendly dominated market. Similarly, a paper carton may not stand up to the more formal rigid boxes in a luxury brand market.

2. Be Concise

The average consumer only dedicates a maximum of 4 seconds to a product before determining whether they will buy it. Make sure a consumer immediately knows your brand and what your product is for. Be sure to include any key details on the front of your packaging, such as key buzz words or ingredients. Test out your packaging design with friends, family, and strangers.

3. Think Practical

The practicality of a product’s packaging deals with the shape, size, and functionality. You should ask yourself, does this packaging make the product easier to use? It’s wonderful to design aesthetically unique and pleasing packaging, but make sure not to lose sight of the practicality. You might consider if your packaging can be reused by the consumer, or how easy it is to transport and store. Consider all variables before landing on a final design.

4. Security and Fit

Your package design must protect your product from breaking or easily cracking before the consumer opens it. Is your product delicate or basically indestructible? How does your product normally get to the consumer? If you are shipping your product, you may want to consider investing in more secure packaging like custom fitted inserts, extra padding, protection from glass scratching, etc. to avoid consumer complaints (and more $) down the line.

5. High Quality Printing

Printing can be the simple difference between high-end looking and cheap. You want high-quality imagery and branding that stands out from the competition. Consider artistic prints and extras like metallic foil to really set your product above the rest. Don’t skimp on printing!

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