When Packaging Pays - Case Studies

How can switching up your packaging make an actual difference in your bottom line? From increasing your margins to skyrocketing your shelf appeal, we see the amazing impacts of packaging design daily here at the office, and we wanted to share some great examples.

1. Custom Boxes vs Custom Sleeves

When working for a giant in the hearing aid industry, GLS came to the rescue with a time and money saving solution. The company had several custom boxes being made for their SKUs, so, we proposed producing generic rigid boxes with custom printed sleeves instead. This allowed them to keep their inventory needs for each SKU fluid, because all they needed was a custom sleeve to complete the package. This saved them money (sleeves are much cheaper than custom printed boxes), and time! In addition, our warehousing and freight consolidation gave them even more flexibility.

2. A Stand Out Tin

We all know the makeup industry is extremely saturated and competitive. Nudestix tins are a good example of successful packaging that has really allowed their brand to excel. By using a tin box as their main packaging instead of a standard carton or box, they really stand out in the makeup industry. Moreover, we bring all of their components to our packing warehouse and assemble each product completely, saving them time and money.

3. Increase Your Margins

This one is quite simple, but important nonetheless. Bixbi, a pet supplement company, came to us with domestic production issues regarding their paper tubes. We started producing them in our own China facility and increased their margins drastically!

4. A Quality Time Saver

The successful beard and hair company, Cremo, was labeling all of their tin lids manually. GLS proposed switching to custom printing & embossing in our China facility. This was a huge time saver for them, and it greatly raised the visual quality of their packaging.

4. Simplify with a Multitude of Options

So many brands go to multiple places for every component of their finished product. A source for your rigid box, one for your thermoform, one for your manufactured product, etc. Sound familiar? Often time, GLS can take away many of these variables by consolidating your whole project. For example, the brand Murphy’s Naturals comes to us for their paper tubes, rigid boxes, tins, and ceramics. We are a one-stop-shop for all of these components and more, and, we can assemble everything for your finished product in house!

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