A Little Thing Called Deming’s Law

Basically, Deming’s law states that it costs $1 to fix a quality issue before the product leaves the factory, it costs $10 to fix it in the warehouse after it leaves the factory, and costs a compounded $100 to fix it once the customer has it.


If a problem occurs in the manufacturing of your product, where would you prefer to fix it?  Product quality, or lack thereof, is a major factor in the import process.  Most everyone wants to reduce expenses while still delivering a quality product to their customers.  Presently, importing is the only way to achieve that goal and stay competitive in today’s global market.


One way to drastically increase your odds of success is by working with a competent, US based import company that understands your needs and will communicate them clearly (again and again, if necessary) to the overseas manufacturer. They will also ensure that what is being made on the production floor actually meets your specifications and matches the physical sample BEFORE it leaves the factory.  This is achieved by having qualified people on-site working on your behalf inspecting goods and performing random quality control checks throughout different stages of production and again before final shipment.


Make your company more efficient and profitable in the long run by working with a reputable sourcing company who has experience in dealing with the cultural differences, communication gaps, language barriers, international customs issues/tariffs (and much more) that are associated with manufacturing overseas.

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