We offer various different types of packing for almost any type of product. Our overseas wholesale candle packaging and printing is one of the best options in the business. Candles require relatively specific packaging, as you do not want to use anything flammable. For this reason, high quality materials are extremely important. Additionally, a large portion of a candle’s charm is often in appearance, so you want high quality packaging that is also visually appealing to potential customers. That is where Global Link Sourcing candle packaging comes into the picture.


Wholesale candle packaging can lead to astronomical savings for your company without sacrificing any quality. In general, when you find great prices, you assume there is a fault with the product, believing that quality was ignored for the sake of pricing. Fortunately, Global Link Sourcing does not suffer from this fall in quality. We are qualified worldwide manufacturers with high caliber products every step of the way.

Our wholesale prices are extremely competitive no matter what type of packaging you are interested in using. When you use packaging as a part of your marketing campaign, you cannot afford to skimp on quality. Many types of candles packaging are very pricey, so purchasing these items in bulk is a usually great deal for your company. If you are looking for wholesale candle packaging, or just high quality packaging from a high quality company, feel free to take a look at some of our photos to see what we have to offer your company.