Beauty Packaging Trends 2017


Say Hello to New Beauty Packaging Trends

Just like the industry itself, beauty packaging is ever evolving. Keeping up with the trends can be overwhelming, but is a necessary part of ensuring your brand success in the coming year.

We all know the beauty industry is all about aesthetics, and what better way to communicate your brand’s image than through packaging?

At Packaging Innovations London, some noteworthy predictions for the next big things in cosmetics packaging were revealed. Here are the beauty packaging trends for 2017:

1. Step by Step
Many cosmetics and skin care companies are revving up the process by including multiple steps within a product or product line, such as am/pm creams and multi-step skin care routines. The packaging for these items must clearly reflect the protocol and ease of use of these routines.

beauty packaging trends steps

2. Basic Ingredients = Basic Packaging
With Eco-conscious lifestyles and a push for simpler, organic ingredients, comes the need for minimalist packaging that sells. There has been a huge rise in the popularity of minimalist brands and we don’t see that changing in 2017. Be bold, be basic.

beauty packaging trends simple

3. Vintage is In
As much as consumers love a minimalist product, there are still those that will always fall for vintage charm. Millennials love nostalgia, and the right packaging can sell a product regardless of ingredients.

beauty packaging trends vintage


4. Individual Packaging
Because freshness and portability are huge factors in the consumers buying decision, single use packaging popularity is on the rise. With the launch of their new app connected UV patch that monitors your UV exposure, La Roche Possay is changing the game for single use product and packaging.

beauty packaging trends uv patch


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