How to Make Share Worthy Packaging – Success in Social Media

Social Media Has Forever Changed the Packaging Game

What do most popular and successful modern brands have in common? They dominate the social media space. Their products have share worthy packaging, and consumers will gladly boast about their product experience on Instagram or twitter if they enjoy the “unboxing” experience.

It is no longer enough to have a successful product, your packaging must reflect this success and encourage consumers to get excited enough to share their purchase online. In addition, A survey from Dotcom Distribution found that 52% of customers are likely to repurchase from a brand that uses premium packaging.

This rings true especially for products in the beauty industry. According to research done in February 2016 by The Benchmarking Company, 79% of color cosmetic consumers decide to try a new product based upon seeing it online. The fragrance industry is even more impacted, since 85% of buyers claim the appearance of packaging impacted their decision to purchase a new fragrance.

Lastly, social sharing is essentially free promotion for your brand. Website traffic and brand awareness can increase exponentially based on social shares, which can only positively impact your bottom line. It’s worth the extra investment to make packaging that creates an experience more likely to be shared.


So how can you capitalize on this social sharing trend?

  • Experiment with Shapes and Colors – Think outside the box, so to speak. Geometric shapes are helping brands stand out on the shelf this year.
  • Opt for Luxury – A luxurious feeling soft touch finish or metallic gold foil can do wonders for brand image.
  • Include Testimonials – 92% of consumers say peer reviews make them more inclined to purchase a product
  • Offer Simple Elegance – Many consumers appreciate a minimalist approach to packaging, which can include key phrases that help to entice buyers.



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