Should you source your project overseas or domestically?

Knowing whether to source your product or custom packaging overseas vs. domestically is a loaded question. The short answer, it depends!

If you are just starting to source goods of any type, you know how overwhelming it can be. It isn’t as simple as jumping on Alibaba and adding 500 pieces of an item to your cart. Many would argue that sourcing overseas has too many risks, but then you’re stuck with sourcing from the limited domestic options  that will charge an exorbitant amount for relatively simple projects. So which route do you take?

Consider the Details

Let’s say you are looking for a custom rigid box for your product with a soft touch finish and embossed logo. In this situation, it would be far cheaper to source the box from overseas, where the cost of hand labor and printing extras is much less expensive than in the US.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are just looking for a simple mass produced carton with limited printing, a domestic printer could provide you with a similarly priced item and at a much faster rate.

Project Timeline

Do you need your products delivered in 6 months, or in 3 months to meet the holiday season deadlines? Your project timeline will have a significant impact on what your options are for sourcing. Domestic sources will have a faster turn-around, but with proper planning you can often meet your deadlines with a combination of air and sea shipments from overseas.


If you have never sourced from overseas before, doing so on your own can carry significant risks. Without someone to rely on to review production for quality assurance, you could risk receiving defective units and a whole host of issues that ensue.

Are there great savings to be had by sourcing overseas? Absolutely. But if you factor in the risks, it could turn into a financial and logistical nightmare without the proper help and guidance.

GLS has their own facilities overseas, along with a trusted network of factories that we have been working with for well over a decade. With offices in both California and overseas, we make the entire process seamless and simple. We handle your project from concept to completion, and take care of every detail along the way.

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