Ways to Capitalize on the Unboxing Trend

The unboxing trend is growing in popularity, and presenting big opportunities to increase sales and garner free publicity with your packaging.

Just a quick search for “unboxing” on youtube tells us that this trend isn’t going anywhere. Social sharing is one of the number one ways your brand can truly take off, so making sure that your packaging design appeals to your consumer base is now more important than ever.

The trend is essentially a live review of your product, as it’s unwrapped or unboxed in its original packaging. The style, feel, and brand messaging is essential to how shareable your packaging is.

Beyond social media, the experience associated with opening your packaging can also be important, as it has been proven to have an effect on a consumer’s future purchases.

Case Study:

Casper, an e-commerce mattress company, has received tons of buzz around its strange packaging, stuffing complete foam mattresses into small shippable boxes. The unique packaging started a flurry of unboxing videos across the social sphere and contributed to the brands overall success.

Branding & Promotion

Social sharing of products has been studied pretty extensively. Nearly 4 in 10 consumers would share an image of a product via social media if it came in a unique package. Make sure that your branding is consistent and clear across all packaging.

Social sharing also effects your brand exposure and web traffic, which are both crucial to success. It’s  certainly worth the cost to create a packaging experience that is more likely to be shared.

Beating the Competition

When a consumer receives multiple packages or needs to decide between various options, they will almost always pick the option with the better looking packaging. As visual creatures, humans gravitate toward what stands out. A unique packaging experience will help your brand stand out among the crowd.

How to Make Your Packaging Stand Out

Custom Printing and Verbiage:

Show who your brand is with custom printing that catches the consumers eye. Consider embossing, foil, or Spot UV to help your box or carton stand out. Use your packaging as an ad space – ask consumers to share on social and even use a branded hashtag! The possibilities are literally endless.

Get Creative:

Consider a pop of color with tissue paper, or including a brand card inside your packaging. You can even get creative with inserts and layer your products for a fun unboxing experience.

Many companies use finishes like soft touch to elevate their packaging. Things like texture can go a long way with consumers when it comes to the physical experience of opening packaging.


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