Packaging Design Extras That Sell

Soft touch, spot UV, embossing, foil - Learn more about the design extras that customers love.

There are several option besides standard printing, that can set your product apart from the competition on the shelves. Sometimes just a touch of one of these extras is all it takes to make your packaging unique and to appear more high end. Other times, a combination of these options creates the perfect design. Let’s explore some of these options to see which might be a great addition to your next project.

  1. Foil Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is a method in which metallic foils are transferred to a surface with high temperatures. The method in which these metallic foils are applied ensures a smooth and crease proof finish in the desired area.

Foil hot stamping can be combined with embossing or debossing to create an even more pronounced effect. Consider adding foil to your logo so that it pops. Or, choose a dark matte packaging and add foil artwork.

Because foil is inherently metallic, it lends itself to adding a more expensive look to your packaging. Adding platinum, silver, or even the popular rose gold hot foil stamping to your packaging can be a simple way to increase the perceived value of your product.

3. Embossing & Debossing

The most basic and perhaps common design extra is embossing or debossing. An embossed design is a raised design of an image or text pressed onto paper. The design can include ink, foil or retained in its original form (blind emboss). A debossed design is almost the same, except the design is depressed instead of raised.

Either effect creates visual complexity by adding a new dimension to your original design and artwork. Combine embossing or debossing with hot foil stamping for an exquisite addition to your packaging design.

3. UV & Spot UV Coating

Multiple UV finishes are available to enhance your packaging design. From ultra glossy to understated matte, adding a touch of spot UV has become increasingly popular for minimalist packaging which is thriving in today’s market. UV coating is also budget-friendly; the application process is efficient and doesn’t cost a lot to execute. From business cards to boxes, adding UV coating is a great way to appeal to an upscale customer base.

3. Soft Touch

From a designers perspective, soft touch coating is the “must have” finish of the past few years. It’s the one packaging design embellishment that not only looks fantastic, but feels ultra luxurious. If your product is high end, you should consider soft touch coating for your packaging.

What does soft touch feel like? Much like its name, it feels incredibly soft. The texture is similar to suede, or maybe even silk. Soft touch coating is actually a hyper-matte type of coating, making it an ideal canvas for rich color and even spot UV or foil stamping. One drawback to keep in mind though, can be that soft touch can be prone to scratches and fingerprints than a standard matte surface.

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