5 Ways to Make Spring Packaging Look High End

5 ways to make spring packaging look high endWatercolor, bunny rabbits, tulips, and pastels all signify that lovely Spring time of the year when chocolates and floral perfume fly off the shelves. But how do you embody the fresh yet soft feelings of Spring without your packaging looking like baby shower decor? At Global Link Sourcing, we have had 10 years to think about it! Here are 5 ways to make your Spring packaging look luxurious:

1. Florals – All Grown Up

floral box

When incorporating flowers, leaves, and nature, make sure to avoid childish cartoons and overly bright illustrations (save those for summer!). A sketched pattern of daisies and tulips paired with creamy pastels will look feminine yet high end.

2. A Touch of Satin

satin bow

With the right quality satin bow, even the most plain Spring packaging can look fancy. This is a very budget friendly way to increase the value of your packaging without delving too deep into complicated artwork and additions.

Pairing a satin bow with a touch of hot foil stamp, can be a beautiful combination!


3. Elegant Patterns

spring pattern

We love the simplistic elegance of a classic damask or geometric pattern. You can also go full artsy with a watercolor pattern depicting anything from pearls to pansies! Don’t be afraid to use inspiration from trending fashion to influence your patterns.

4. Soft Touch

Matte coating is in, and soft touch takes matte to the next level. A soft touch box with feel smooth and silky in the customers hands, adding an air of pure luxury to their opening experience.

soft touch box


5. Natural Textures

kraft paper tubes

Natural textures and fibers are a great way to compliment your product during the Spring. Kraft and other eco-friendly materials evoke thoughts of nature and renewal.

Try pairing a kraft tube or bag with a pastel label for  budget friendly elegant Spring packaging, like this lib balm packaging from Urban Oreganics.



spring packaging

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